Ergogenic Aids and Nutritional Supplements for Health and Sports Conference
by Sports Authority of Thailand and Exercise and Sport Sciences program and Exercise and Sport Sciences Research and Development Group

January 20-23, 2016 Centara Hotel & Convention Centre, Khon Kaen

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January 7, 2016

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January 20-22, 2016

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     Presently, there are many people who suffered from inappropriate food consumption or inactive life style resulting in hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus including cancers. Many Thai athletes of several sport types have lower sport capacity compared to other countries. Consequently, enormous cost of medical expenses are spent and this leads to slow progression of success in becoming world class level of sport. However, Thai Government seriously concern about health promotion therefore; sport and exercise are generally promoted but the health promotion project is still not successful. Therefore, the initiation of health promotion in Thai people and the development of sport potential are essentially deployed. To achieve these aims, updated knowledge of sport science and technology development in promoting both health and sports are needed including extensive further research in sport and regularly doing appropriate exercise. In addition, nutrition, herbs, types of exercise, physical therapy methods, sport medicine and sport equipments in enhancing the sport potential are important factors in promoting health and sport potential.

     This is the international conference of scientific disciplines participating in nutritional supplement and ergogenic aids in exercise and sport, organized by Sports Authority of Thailand and Exercise and Sport Sciences Program, Faculty of graduate School, Exercise and Sport Sciences Research and Development Group, Khon Kaen University and Sport Authority of Thailand. The aim of this conference is to develop scientific research in aspects of exercise, and nutrition for health promotion and sport potential in Thailand to become the international level. Thisgenerally provides an opportunity for participants who are researchers, lecturers or related profession personnel such as physical therapist and sport scientist in participating the international sport conference. Thai massage workshop, which is organised by the expertise who has an experience of Thai massage practice and has done many researches of Thai massage for more than 2 decades, is provided for all participants who want to gain knowledge and experience about Thai massage. This is such a great opportunity for Khon Kaen University to have collaboration with other countries and the scientific research of sports and exercise nutrition relating to ergogenic aids in Thailand is moving forward to the world class standard. 

     We do hope that this international conference will provideyou a very nice opportunity to shareyour opinions, knowledge and brainstorming the idea to create a technical service network and performing researches on science in sports and nutrition with scientists from other countries. You all can also establish the collaboration withThe Sport Authority of Thailand, which controls the policy of sport activity in Thailand.

Topics of 5 areas:

1. Nutrition for health

2. Sports nutrition

3. Ergogenic aids for health

4. Ergogenic aids for Sport

5. Nutrition and physical activity


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